BETAGRO GROUP HAS DEVELOPED A “BETAGRO E-TRACEABILITY” electronic food safety application for the first time in Thailand’s livestock and food industry, and uses this as a tool for comprehensively tracing food products back to origin.

First implemented in 2003, the e-Traceability system initially monitored Betagro’s integrated chicken business, with detailed information available from parent stock farming to cooked product manufacturing and other related process. The system was later extended to include the Group’s integrated swine business in 2006, providing greater and reliable visibility into the product origin across the supply chain, from parent stock farming, fattening pig farming, meat processing facilities and feed mills to animal pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing facilities.


In 2011, the Group continued expansion of the system into its feed business, with the development of a supporting website ( to enable international customers to trace food products from source. In 2012, Betagro took a step further with the development of QR Code for its S-Pure branded products that make e-Traceability more accessible to local and overseas customers. This effort has resulted in a high level of consumer confidence in all food products supplied by the Betagro Group.