To develop and produce high quality, safe and nutritious food products from our modern and firmly established agro-industrial, research-based operations for the benefit of people around the world.
  • Foster employee skills and professional development throughout the organisation
  • Ensure customer and consumer satisfaction through efficient human resource management and continuous improvement of work processes
  • Strive for excellence of Betagro branded products and services through extensive research and development
  • Establish marketing and production networks in prime locations across the globe
  • Generate sustainable stakeholder benefits for customers, business partners, employees, joint ventures, and shareholders alike
At Betagro, our people share the following core values:
  • PROFESSIONAL - Operate by using TQM to ensure knowledge and professional expertise in the field of agriculture and the food industry, and further develop existing business capability for future growth.
  • INTEGRITY - Operate with optimal integrity, sincerity, transparency and to the highest ethical standards to gain trust and respect.
  • PEOPLE-CENTRIC - Involve all stakeholders by focusing on meaningful participation that allows for sustainable development and growth.
  • INNOVATIOVE - Constantly seek new opportunities and use unconventional approach to add value to products and services.
  • QUALITY DRIVEN - Fully explore details of management process in order to build reliability and accountability of products and services.