Betagro Group has adopted a concept of quality working at every operational stage under a TQM (TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT) which encourages employees to achieve effective and efficient of thinking and working behavior. The TQM concept includes PDCA (Plan–Do–Check–Act), Customer Focus (Both Internal & External Customer), Fact-based, Dispersion and Process-oriented.

Apart from the TQM concept mentioned above, management and improvement tools, such as 7 QC Tools, the notion of ‘Kaizen’, Total Productivity management (TPm), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Performance Analysis and Control (PAC), Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA), and other appropriate tools are used for analyzing, identifying improvement topics and method for improvement.

By practicing a TQM work culture the employee is able to work logically, scientifically and systematically. This enables Betagro Group to deliver high-quality products and services to customers.


Betagro Group has also adopted TOTAL PRODUCTIVITY MANAGEMENT (TPm) to manage and promote improvements on a continuous basis and to ensure optimum usage of resources. The improvement target is set and the target deployment structure is created to provide strategic linkage from corporate goals to business unit and individual targets. Persons who are responsible for achieving the target will consider and identify the improvement topics (initiatives). Their chief and supporting units provide support in identifying initiatives, planning and analysis, and suggesting improvements methods. Senior management regularly monitors the progress of TPm activities including the recommendations and support provided. By implementing TPm, the specific developments for employees can be identified and acted on.

In addition to measuring the achievement of activities related to each initiative, the method of evaluation is designed to reflect improvement results in profit and loss statement.

The Group organises an annual “TPm CHAmPION”   contest to provide all employees with an opportunity to show their potential and share the pride of presenting achievements in their initiatives with senior management and their colleagues from across the country. It is also a platform to share ideas and methods of work improvement that encourage further development and innovative thinking within the Betagro Group.


WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING (WCM) methodology, is named after the highest PM Prize awarded by JIPM (Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance) as a pillar of achievement. This includes a variety of fundamental management tools such as 5S, Kaizen Suggestion System, Quality Control Circle and most importantly, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), which incorporates 8 pillars covering activities essential to the entire industrial manufacturing process. The WCM is focused on being implemented within a small group of operational staff and their colleagues who are trained to be aware of the importance of machinery and equipment, have a sense of ownership and collective engagement in the development of their organisation. The Group also recognises the importance of operational staff and their colleagues by encouraging them to participate in the Quality of Life Club, which is intended to better the quality of life of employees – at work, at home and within surrounding communities.